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These fragile-looking antiquities are sturdy enough to have survived the test of time and are as fresh and captivating as the day they were taken out their kiln by the artisan master. Porcelains are a true gift from the past that never ages!

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    Imari vase

    Large bottle vase. Imari reproduction. Floral and bird paintings in reds, underglaze blue, with gilding.

    Origin: Taiwan, Contemporary

    Size: 33 × 54 cm

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    Steam Bowl

    Large blue and white steam bowl

    Origin: Japan, Edo-Meiji

    Size: 23 × 18 cm

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    Four-panelled porcelain screen

    Four panelled porcelain screen, overglaze horse paintings

    Origin: China, around 30 years

    Size: 36 × 16 x 1 cm

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    Blue and White Jar

    Large vase with lip. Underglaze blue and white paintings of the 8 immortals.

    Origin: China, Late 1800's to early 1900

    Size: 32 × 38 cm

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    Crackle Celadon Vase

    Small jarlet with rolled lip. Glazed in crackle celadon. (Ge ware).

    Origin: China, Late Ming to early Qing

    Size: 10 × 14 cm

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    Pair of temple jars

    Pair of temple jars with lion knob lids, under glazed blue lotus design

    Origin: China, early to mid 1800's

    Size: 46 × 25 cm

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    Large plate

    Large plate with painted bird and flower designs in famille rose enamels

    Origin: China, Yung Cheng

    Size: 38 cm

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    Wash basin

    Porcelain wash bowl. Underglaze blue floral design

    China, Ching Dynasty - 1800's

    Size: 27 × 8 cm

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    Early Republic Japanese teapot

    Tea pot with raised gold dragon dog and Fou dog

    Japan, Early 1900's

    Size: 11 x 16 x 14

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    Black lion-head vase

    Black pear shaped vase with lion head handles

    Taiwan Tsai Hsiao Fang, Contemporary

    Size: 19 x 36

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    Porcelain Vase

    Small vase with under glazed blue paintings of Buddhist treasures

    China, late 1800's

    Size: 16 x 27

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    Longquan celadon vase

    Lung Chuan glazed vase with dragon carvings and ring handles

    China, Yuan to Ming

    Size: 19 x 12

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    Foot bath

    Foot bath with handles. Canton famille rose desig

    Taiwan, contemporary

    Size: 14 x 34

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    Polychrome dish

    Small dish polychrome painting of a woman

    China, late Ching to Early Republic

    Size: 14 x 14 cm

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    Storage Jar

    Ginger or spice jar with underglaze blue and white floral paintings

    China, late Ching

    Size: 22 x 20 cm

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    Landscape Hatstand

    Hatstand with overglaze polychrome landscape painting

    China, mid to late 1800

    Size: 28 x 12 cm

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    Blue washbowl with white floral design

    Cobalt blue washbowl with flared lip, overglaze white floral designs

    China, late Ching

    Size: 9 x 27 cm

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    Spoon with underglaze blue design

    Porcelain spoon, underglaze blue bird/flower design

    China, late 1800

    Size:5 x 20 x 7 cm


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