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Small medicine cabinet

Taiwan, Circa 1800's.
A unique, small camphor wood medicine chest with drawers above, doors below, ink painted calligraphy on the drawers representing various herbs.

Large Kuan Yin holding Buddha

Taiwan, Circa 1800's.
Rare camphor wood large six-armed Guan Yin seated on a high throne, holding Buddha in her hands.

Incense holder

China, early to mid 1800's
Well-balanced brass incense holder with stand, Fou dog ears, carved lines on the sides.

Tiered offering box

Kyauk-ka, Myanmar. Late 1800's
A beautiful and unusual tiered red lacquered cylindrical offering box with incised and embossed designs on sides. The design patterns are based on the Jataka or Ramayana.

Buddha plaque

Burma, circa 17th century
Very rare, large Mon-period Buddha wall plaque with Buddha centered above seven seated Boddhisatvas. Gilded red and brown lacquer, teak wood.

Ying Qing Jar

Southern Song Dynasty, China
Ying Qing funerary jar with spiral cover. Neck and upper body consist of a band of the 12 Zodiac animals in high relief, glazed areas covered with a transparent crackled glaze of greenish blue cast and even tone.

Porcelain landscape screen

A beautifully painted famille verte porcelain screen in a rosewood frame, landscape designs.

Elaborate cake box

North China, Mid 1800's
A three-tiered box with an elongated handle ending in lotus shaped tops on the sides, two cross bars across the front and one cross bar on the sides to allow for a shoulder pole. Compartments for placing cakes and candies inside each tier.

Reclining Buddha

Burma, Shan period, circa 1700's
Large and rare teakwood gilded and black lacquer reclining Buddha, wearing a serene expression, at the point of leaving his physical form and passing into final enlightenment. In unusually good condition.


Curated Collections

From our thousands of items we have assembled several curated collections.

These collections generally consist of groups of more exclusive items, such as rare furniture, ceramics and antique art pieces from a certain style or period. These special items can be viewed by appointment. If you are looking for a particular item, please send us an email.

Treasure Finds

We sometimes come across a rare treasure – an item that is simply too special or expensive for our usual consumer-oriented collection and showroom.

When we do, we put out a discreet email to connoisseurs, reputable auction houses and collectors of high-value antiques to let them know we have come into possession of an item of interest. If you would like to be informed of this, you can subscribe to our collector’s email list by clicking here.

Find an Auction

Inheriting or being gifted a large collection of antiques can be both a blessing and a burden, but we can help you find a suitable auction.

We offer services such as inventory and assessment, purchase/sale strategy, consignment option, pricing consultancy and repair/restoration/storage options. Contact us for more information.


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