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You think antiques are not for you? Think again.

You don't need to live in a museum to have Chinese antiques. They are surprisingly affordable and a great way to breathe life into a space. Collectibles add a sense of uniqueness and personality to any interior, modern or classical.

Finding the perfect piece comes down to two things: solid advice from an expert and a large collection to choose from. Baiwin has both: forty years in the business and an ever-changing collection of more than 1,500 items from China, Myanmar, Taiwan and Tibet, ranging from small brass trinkets to 17th century wall-sizes apothecary sideboards.

Antiques are not only a smart investment, but also a great way to start your own legacy. When you purchase an antique, you acquire an object of beauty and true value; something tangible that can be passed on for generations.

Express your uniqueness and add some signature elements to your living environment. You'll be surprised how much a single item of beauty can transform a space!
You don't just collect for yourself, but also to leave something of timeless value for future generations. Start your own tradition today!




As a young student, Faye Angevine first set foot in Taiwan over 40 years ago with the intention of studying law. But her love of collecting antiques soon became an all-consuming passion. She began by scouring Taiwan for unique collectibles that could accommodate her meager student’s budget, but after her first trip to China in 1978 she took the plunge launched her career as buyer, seller and connoisseur of fine collectibles.

Since then she has dedicated herself to providing her clients with unique and sought-after antiques to satisfy even the most discriminating collectors. Faye travels extensively throughout China, combing through dusty warehouses and wandering through remote villages in search of new additions for her collection. She looks forward to meeting each and every visitor to her showroom personally.